Back to School Night

Welcome to My Spanish Class:

Hello! My name is Nelida Prokopczuk.

I am excited to be your child’s Spanish teacher this new 2021-2022 upcoming school year.

I am positive that we will have a wonderful and exciting time at Water of Life Christian School and I look forward to working together as a team with you and your child this year.

It is my goal to develop a classroom learning environment where students grow spiritually, academically, and sociably.

My goal as a teacher is to help each child achieve their goals as a student of Spanish by learning, speaking, writing and using Spanish correctly. I will encourage children to increase their vocabulary in Spanish so their desire to read in Spanish will grow.

Spelling list:

Each week students will be given a list of spelling words in which they will be tested on. Every week, students will practice and use in classwork activities. I encourage students to practice their spelling list at home because they will be tested on the following week.


  • For keep all the classwork activities the student are going to need:

1 binder 11/2 in (any color) with the name on it.

1 folder for Spanish homework.


  • Kindergarten: Greetings, goodbyes, the family,the friends,colors, days and months of the weeks,Vowels and consonants,start reading short sentences before end of the year.

  • 1st Grade: Greetings, vowels and consonants, the friends,the family, tradition from Mexico,the school, the house, identify types of nouns, Reading and comprehension,etc.

  • 2nd Grade: Greetings, review vowels and consonants,the family, the friends, discover Mexico and their traditions,the house, identify nouns and adjectives, make a description ,the animals, the community in Bolivia, etc. Reading and comprehension.

  • 3rd Grade: Greetings, the family, the friends, discover Perú, clothing, the community persons and places, Discover Argentina and important places, identify nouns, adjectives and verbs in present tense, the time, Reading and comprehension.

  • 4th Grade: Greetings, the family, the friends, Discover Nicaragua and important places, the neighborhood, clothing , colors, activities in the community, Discover Paraguay, the school, etc identify nouns, adjectives and verbs in present and past tense, make a description, read a poem and identify rimes, Reading and comprehension.

  • 5th grade: Greeting, the family, the friends, Discover Bolivia and touristic places, clothing, activities in the house, the store, activities in the community, Discover Spain and favorite places review nouns, adjectives and verbs in present, past and future tense, identify the difference between poem, stories, fables, Reading and comprehension,


No homework for first week of school.

Homework Policy:

There will be weekly homework pages. Homework is given to reinforce concepts taught in class, and to encourage academic growth. Most homework assignments will be a review and not frustrating/difficult. The homework the following week as the schedule is. Your child will receive a grade for his/her homework, so please remind your child to complete and return homework daily and due clean and neatly. Another part of the students’ homework is to read for 10 minutes every day.

Reading Log:

Students will be expected to read to an adult daily for 10 minutes each day from Monday to Friday and complete in their reading log the book title, pages read, and obtain a parent initial. By reading with your child daily will enable your child to increase in vocabulary, fluency, accuracy, and comprehension.

Grading Policy:

Students will be graded in all core subjects based on the given rubric:

Tests= 40%

Quizzes= 30%

Classwork/projects= 20%

Homework/welcome work= 10%

Books and resources:

For Spanish Classes we are going to implement :

"Descubre el Español con Santillana Usa". This program makes language-learning a cultural adventure.

Each of the six levels introduces two characters from the U.S. who travel trough Spanish-Speaking Countries including: México, Argentina, Perú, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico,etc and study their cultures, traditions,food,important peoples along with the vocabulary.

The program's specific objectives are to introduce students to Hispanic and Hispanic American culture, to foster a positive toward language learning, and to provide a solid foundation for basic communication skills.